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Dear Mr Leafblower Man…

Dear Mr Leafblower Man…

You come every Wednesday and disturb my baby while she is having her morning nap.

Image courtesy of Flickr member Billy A Chant
licensed via Creative Commons

I might fly down there on my broomstick and curse you…

…the curse of the irate mummy.

Image courtesy of Flickr member kaiton
licensed via Creative Commons

Why do you blow all the leaves around with that noisy machine of yours?

One of these would be much quieter.

Family life

Summer dress for Alisi

I got the sewing machine out yesterday and made a dress up for Alisi – the first of many I’m sure!

I used the pattern from Notebook magazine I blogged about recently.

Such a simple pattern but still very cute. The bodice is gathered on to elastic and the straps are made from bias binding. I decided to put the white bias binding around the hem as well to offset the fabric design.

You might think the fabric is a little full-on for a baby – but there’s method in my madness. I bought the fabric in Fiji a few years ago. The design is based on traditional masi (or tapa) cloth patterns.

We’re taking Alisi to Fiji soon to meet her Fijian relatives and the traditional fabric plus the cool design will be perfect!

Family life

Ahhh – morning tea

Image courtesy of luvinthemommyhood

Shannon of luvinthemommyhood has designated August as Tea Cup Month.

She says:
“Today’s tea party is all about our favorite cup of tea. What’s your favorite mug? The tea flavour you can’t live without? The brand of coffee you’d take to a deserted island?”

Well…pull up a pew and share morning tea with me.

I’d love to tell you that I drink my morning cuppa from this gorgeous strawberry cup and saucer, part of a set that was my great-grandmother’s.

They are very dainty … unfortunately too dainty to quench my thirst.

Instead I drink my coffee from one of my favourite mugs. A Royal Doulton Millenium pattern – made to celebrate the beginning of the millenium.

I friend of mine gave it to me after many arguments over when the new millenium started. Apparently this mug won my argument that it started on 1 January 2000 – the mug said so!

I make my coffee in my moka pot (or stove top espresso maker). The coffee’s ready when it starts gurgling!

My friends will tell you that I’m a creature of habit. So my morning snack is always the same – however I do go out on a limb and mix it up with the fruit!

My current favourite snack started when I was pregnant with Alisi.

I had gestational diabetes and had to be on a strict diet to control it. For morning tea I was allowed four Vita-Weats with cheese and a piece of fruit. Which I loved!

The best part about morning tea is that it’s quiet. Alisi is having her morning nap, the sun is shining and it’s time to relax.

Out and about

Magical walk

Image courtesy of Flickr member jcberk licenced via Creative Commons

This afternoon, Alisi and I had a wonderful walk. The gray skies and rain all day didn’t bode well, but it turned out to be quite magical.

For some reason it was very quiet. The swishing of the pram wheels over the wet footpath was all I could really hear.

The rain had stopped and there were a few patches of blue in the late afternoon sky. But everything was still wet and the bark on the trees glistened.

It really highlighted the beautiful bark on a crepe myrtle we pass. The frilly flowers of crepe myrtle are pretty – but a bit over the top. I think the star of the show is always the bark. I love the amazing colours – pinks, greens, greys, oranges and yellows.

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Bold tropical leaves

This Martinique Wallpaper with its big banana leaves was designed especially for the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Image courtesy of

It’s used in the Fountain Coffee Room and gives a very breezy, tropical feel.

Image courtesy of Beverly Hills Hotel.

I went for this look in our bathroom, where I made a blind from some fabric purchased in Fiji. Giant philodendron leaves add a bright touch to an otherwise very plain, all white bathroom.

Here is a lovely beach home with big tropical prints. Designed by Krista Ewart the prints are mixed with whites to give a bright and breezy feel.

Images courtesy Hearst Communications, Inc.

I love this large leaf shaped bowl by Georg Jensen. So much so that I bought one for a very good friend’s 40th.

Image courtesy Georg Jensen

Out and about

Shock of tulips

While out for our walk the other day, Alisi and I spied these tulips in the front yard of an apartment block.

I’m not sure how they managed to get them to grow so well in Sydney’s climate – but there they were. Someone’s obviously put alot of love into them.

Out and about

Our neighbours have an egg or 16 in the oven

Our new neighbours, the brush turkeys, appear to be up to more than just hanging out in the park next door – as previously reported.

They’ve built themselves a mound.

Brush turkeys have communal nests made from earth and leaf litter. The heat generated by the decomposing materials is enough to incubate the eggs. Amazing!

The brush turkey chicks dig themselves out of the mound once hatched and fend for themselves from then on. So we might see some lonely looking babies soon.