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Library Thursday: Alisi’s first trip to the library

OK – so I’m getting bored with the board books we have. There are only so many times I can look at Humpty Dumpty sitting on that wall and point out his bow tie and the flower in his hat.

A trip to the local library was desparately needed.

And today was the day. Our local library has recently been extended and refurbished. They now have a fantastic space for all their kids books. There’s even an aquarium!

Alisi picked out two new books to borrow (with a bit of help from me) and we’ll spend the next couple of weeks getting familiar with them.

Out and about

Bucket hats

Image courtesy of Flickr member gericon licensed via
Creative Commons

Today is a day for bucket hats.

It’s a sunny spring day in Sydney so Alisi and I escaped the house and went for walk.

My little munchkin wore her bucket hat.

We bumped into an old couple we regularly see on our walks. They’re always pushing a pram as well.

They’re Eastern European and the woman always says “Hello” with a very gutteral “h”. A bit like the Inigo Montoya character from “The Princess Bride“.

I almost didn’t recognise them because they were pram-free and wearing matching bucket hats!

How about these bucket hats from Etsy.

Image courtesy of Pretty Baby Bowtique

A white bucket hat with a huge plum flower clip from Pretty Baby Bowtique.

Image courtesy of If The Hat Fits by Jackie

Or this purple pansy number by If The Hat Fits by Jackie.

Image courtesy of Hip Baby Boutique

Or this cute reversible bucket hat by Hip Baby Boutique.

Family life

Lemons and camelias

My parents came for lunch yesterday and my Mummy walked in the door with an arm full of camellias (well it was actually a blue plastic bucket…but “arm full” sounds better). She also had a bag of home grown lemons and a vase concealed somewhere upon her person.

She proceeded to fill the vase with the camellias and strategically place bowls of lemons around the house.

It’s funny because I remember my grandmother doing exactly the same thing for my mother. She would regularly arrive at our house with large bunches of flowers or greenery from her garden. At Christmas time it was always a huge bunch of Australian Christmas Bush (transported in an old yellow plastic bucket).

It’s nice to know that my mother is continuing the tradition. And I guess one day I’ll do it for Alisi.

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Spring has sprung

Image courtesy of Flickr member aussiegall
licensed via Creative Commons

Returning to Sydney after two weeks away in Fiji I’ve found that Spring has well and truly sprung!

The wisteria and azaleas are flowering, and the jasmine is out and smelling divine.

I love this time of year.

The air is warming up and we’ve got the long days of summer to look forward to.