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Using ESP to pack for baby

After packing for Alisi for several trips, short, long, local and international I realised I was using ESP to decide what to take.

ESP … short for eating – sleeping – pooing.

The only way my baby addled brain can be sure I’ve packed the amazing amount of “stuff” Alisi needs is to break the list down to activities

Hence, eating, sleeping, pooing. Plus a few more.

Here are a few ideas for you.

Eating: bibs, baby food, sippy cup, bowl and spoons, etc.

Sleeping: sleeping bag, travel cot, pyjamas, wraps, blankets, sheets, etc.

Pooing: nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream, etc.

Playing: toys, playmat, books, etc.

Wearing: this one’s obvious isn’t it?

Bathing: towel, face washer, soap, etc.

Sightseeing: pram, hats, etc.

Caring: Toothbrush, Panadol, nail scissors, sunscreen, medications, etc.

If you’re travelling by plane you can also pack a mini-ESP bag for the flight.

I’ve found this list works – wherever we’re going and whatever the climate. Hope it helps you too!