This week I’m grateful for…locksmiths

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This week I’m grateful for:

Locksmiths and neighbours – after a busy day in the park celebrating Alisi’s first birthday we found that we’d locked ourselves out of our apartment. Thank goodness a neighbour called a locksmith who got us back inside in no time.

Australia Day – yay for a public holiday on Wednesday! It was nice to have a break in the middle of my first week back at work after a year on maternity leave.

What are you grateful for? Join in at Maxabella loves…


This week I’m grateful for…online html tutorials

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This week I’m grateful for:

Online html tutorials – Aarrgh! It took me so long to create the table in this post. But I finally got it looking OK after much googling.

Daycare – did I say that?!? With Alisi having a week of settling in to daycare before I start work, I’ve actually had some extended “me” time this week!

What are you grateful for? Join in at Maxabella loves…

Family life

A new budget

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Daycare, rebates, nappies and a bit more household income…

Part of “Project Return to Work” had to be a revamp of our household budget.

I use my bucket method for managing our money. There are three basic buckets (bank accounts) as follows.

Bucket 1:
Everyday expenses
Bucket 2:
Fixed expenses
Bucket 3:
Used for: Groceries, petrol, eating out, etc. Utility bills, medical expenses, public transport, holidays, car maintenance, etc. Savings goals
Type of account: Transactional Online (earning some interest) Bonus saver

Our pay is deposited directly in to each of the buckets.

I’ve found that we control our spending quite well with this method. The everyday expenses can be the most variable, but with only a limited amount of cash in there, we’re forced to stop spending when the bucket is empty.

With Alisi in daycare, we have some new expenses – never before seen in Alisi’s household:
– daycare (including government rebates)
– disposable nappies for daycare (so far we’ve cloth nappied Alisi for the most part)
– lottery tickets (you’ve gotta be in it to win it!).

There’s nothing like having to leave your baby in daycare five days a week to focus the mind on saving the money you make for specific goals. We’re planning to upgrade to a house this year – so every spare cent will be squirrelled away.

What about you? Do you have a budget? If you do, how do you make sure you stick to it?

Family life

A dilemma resolved

The highchair issue has finally been resolved.

Friends and family had handed down two highchairs for us to use, but neither were satisfactory.

They did help me narrow down my requirements for a highchair though:
– no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in
– no padded seat cover – I really can’t see the point when babies have such padded little bottoms
– compact – with no space in our little apartment it had to be easy to store away after each meal and take up minimal floor space.

I’d been considering the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat for some time and we finally bit the bullet and bought one.

Hallelujah! It’s perfect! It’s easy to clean and stores away on one of our dining chairs tucked under the table. An added bonus is that it’s portable and we can take it with us when visiting homes with no highchair.

And here’s the munchkin enjoying it. We don’t usually strip her off to feed her, but this pic was taken on a very hot day.

Family life

My latest project

My evenings have been filled with Cash’s name tapes.

The countdown to day one of family day care for Alisi has begun.

So each night I try to get a few more name tapes sewn into her mountain of little girl clothes.

I feel as if I’m sending my baby off to boarding school!

I could have taken the slightly easier route and bought iron on name tapes, but I liked the idea of these being reusable. I also thought they wouldn’t damage the clothes as much when they’re removed for handing down to the next little girl (coming soon via my darling sister…excitement!)

I may change my mind about these sew in labels once I’m back to being a full time working mummy!

Family life

Perpetual journal

Image courtesy of Design*Sponge

I love this idea I read about recently on Design*Sponge. It’s a perpetual journal with a page for each day of the year.

At the end of each day you write a little note about what happened during the day. The idea is that over the years you’ll get a fun glimpse back at what happened on that date.

Image courtesy of kikki.K

I don’t have the patience to make the project (or the space to store it) but I have bought myself a ready-made journal. This 365 days journal from kikki.K has 365 pages, one for each day of the year.

2011 here we come!