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Flowers in the house – spring buds and lemons

Being the middle of winter here, the flowers are few and far between. But we’ll soon be enjoying beautiful Spring blooms.

I regularly pass an unloved roadside tree on my afternoon walks. The poor tree has fallen over and is crowded by dark pines but is soldiering on and about to cover itself with thousands of blossoms.

I snipped these branches with buds about to pop and they precariously balanced on top of the pram for the rest of the walk home.

The lemons are from my mother’s garden. And the dish full of pebbles is courtesy of Alisi’s current pebble collecting obsession.

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9 thoughts on “Flowers in the house – spring buds and lemons

  1. So sweet and such a perfect “family” showing;your mothers lemons and Alisi’s stones.

    We’ll look forward to you having flowers to share with us in the dead of our winter:-)

    xo Jane

  2. Hi Alisi’s Mum

    Greetings from Ireland.

    Visiting you from the Flowers in the House linkup.

    Love the branches, the pebbles and the lemons.

    Hope you have a great day.


  3. Don’t you just love the way budded branches like that are just filled with the promise of good things to come? It’s nice that as the gardens start to fade here in the States, we can count on our southern hemisphere friends to provide the blooms for the next half of the year!

  4. I don’t think there is anything more exciting than buds ready to burst. Ah spring!
    (I too have a rock collector, he is 3 and I tripped on some of the “collection” while picking the flowers for the post.) Nice to see you here!

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