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An upgrade for Sera’s Correctio brace

When Sera was first fitted with her Correctio brace, the orthotist covered the rubber with some stretchy tubes of bandage-type fabric. You can see it in the picture when it was new.

However, after five weeks of wear the fabric was had pretty much given up. It wouldn’t stay put on the brace so the rubber was chafing Sera’s chubby little thighs, and the sticky tabs on Sera’s nappies stuck to it and caused it to fray.

When I found out that Sera would have to be in the brace for at least another five weeks I decided it was time to take action and make some better covers for the brace.

And here they are…simple tubes made out of fabric from an oldĀ t shirt. I added ribbons to the top so they could be tied to the brace to stop them slipping down. The basic measurement for each tube is a 20cm x 9cm rectangle of fabric – not including seam and hem allowances.

Here they are fitted to the brace.

They are working really well. They’re nice and soft on Sera’s thighs, the little bows look kind of cute, and I made a second set so they can be washed.


Sera was diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) soon after birth. Ultrasound at five weeks confirmed that her left hip was particularly severe with only 3% coverage so she was whisked into a Pavlik harness.

After five weeks in the Pavlik harness it was found that it was improving things, but not fast enough. So she was upgraded to the Correctio brace.

Sera has been in her Correctio brace for five weeks now and her hips have improved significantly. Cross fingers that another five weeks will do it.

I’m very much looking forward to the day she doesn’t have to wear the brace, but it’s only a bit of short term pain for a long term gain. The brace makes her a bit awkward to hold but she certainly hasn’t missed out on any cuddles because of it!