Flowers in the house

Flowers in the house – lilacs and rhododendrons

My mother looked after Alisi for me the other day. And sent her home with some lovely flowers from her garden.

Here are the lilacs – just gorgeous!

And some creamy rhododendrons for Alisi’s room.

Can you spot the spider?

To prove you can never start arranging flowers too soon…Here’s Alisi with her first arrangement – two daisies she picked out of the lawn.

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6 thoughts on “Flowers in the house – lilacs and rhododendrons

  1. On my gosh Lilacs! Nothing could have made me happier than to see a big bowl of my very favorite flowers.

    Your little flowers is pretty sweer her own self.

    xo Jane

  2. Clearly Spring for you. I can just smell those lilacs. That’s a lovely shade on the rhododendrons and no I can’t spot the spider no matter how hard I look. Alisi’s first arrangement is a masterpiece.

  3. Did eventually find the spider!
    Sweetest little flower child in her cute macaroni necklace…
    She’ll always remember growing up with fresh flowers in her bedroom.

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