Obtaining a yield

The lettuce seeds are sprouting

Last week, while I was planting out my potted herb garden, I also cleared out the planter box.

The planter box needing a tidyThe beans are growing nicely, but some tomato seedlings, which had popped up from seeds in the worm castings, where flopping all over the place. The spot isn’t sunny enough for tomatoes, so I pulled them all out.

The planter box ready for seedsThen I added a bit more goodness and microbial action to the soil by burying some Bokashi compost right at the bottom and well away from the bean plants. Bokashi compost is acidic, however once it is buried for seven to 10 days it neutralises as it breaks down.

Seed packetsThen it was time to plant some seeds. I chose seeds that can handle the part shade of our south-west facing balcony – rocket, mixed lettuce, perpetual spinach and coriander. The Johnny Jump Ups will hopefully add a bit of colour and fun for the girls.

Lettuce seedlingsAnd a week later, the lettuce is sprouting.