Project ideas

Bee house

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Inc.

Further to my recent post about bees. I found this bamboo bee house project on the Martha Stewart site.

According to the Australian Native Bee Research Centre, gardeners can provide an artificial nest site for solitary native bees by hanging a bundle of bamboo canes in a tree.

So maybe this is a way to welcome some bees to my balcony garden.

Image courtesy of British Land

In England they go into bee and insect hotels in a big way. Beyond the Hive was run by the City of London and pitted architectural firms against each other to design the best five star hotel for insects.

The five short-listed designs were build in public parks.

This is my favourite – The Bumblebee City Nesters.

Project ideas

Finally figured out a solution for an awkward corner

It’s only taken me 10 years to figure this one out!

This awkward corner behind the door in our bedroom has bugged me ever since I moved in. An odd shape and difficult to access, it’s become a messy catch all for Alisi’s Daddy’s DVDs and sundry other items.

Scouring the IKEA catalog today I figured out that a small 50cm x 31cm Gorm shelving unit will fit.

A lick of white paint and it will be perfect for storage – hopefully boxes of Alisi’s Daddy’s vast collection of 80s CDs.

Image courtesy of IKEA.